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Carbon Laser Peel Treatment In Mumbai

Describe Carbon Laser Peel Treatment (Mumbai)

Carbon laser peel treatment in Mumbai face laser procedure concentrates on drawing impurities and oil from your skin’s deep pores using carbon. It has grown in popularity recently because of its capacity to provide excellent exfoliation, leaving behind an immediate glow and much more supple, smoother, firmer, and radiant skin.

How Does Carbon Laser Peel Treatment Impact Your Skin?

On the face, a thin layer of liquid-activated carbon is applied, and it is then kept on the skin for a while to allow the carbon to enter the pores deeply. Every impurity in these pores is absorbed by the carbon. Then, this layer is exposed to laser light, which is strongly attracted to the carbon particles.

The carbon laser treatment in Mumbai removes all of the carbon particles from the skin’s surface and those lodged deep inside the pores, along with the impurities they were attached to. This leaves you with freshly cleansed skin that has been given a youthful glow.

What Are The Different Types of Carbon Laser Peel Treatments?

These outpatient procedures are frequently simple, inexpensive, and just call for a brief appointment. Depending on your skincare objectives, there are a variety of laser treatments and peels to choose from. ‌‌Three categories, superficial, medium, and deep, are used to categorize resurfacing procedures.

Superficial treatments produce moderate results with little recovery time. Treatments that penetrate deeper beyond the skin’s surface have more dramatic effects, but the healing process is more difficult. A superficial therapy for acne, enlarged pores, greasy skin, and uneven skin tone is a carbon laser peel.

Who Should Perform The Carbon Laser Peel Treatment?

In-office or Medi-spa procedures using a carbon laser peel in Mumbai are the norm for carbon laser peels. Whenever a technique is being administered, it is important to confirm that the person doing it is qualified to do so. The carbon laser peel must be performed by a qualified specialist to ensure safety because there is a chance of infection or harm with any skin treatment.


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    Aiana Jain


    I tried the Carbon Laser Peel and Glow Drip at @isaacluxe. After a virtual consultation with @drgeetika she suggested I get the Carbon Laser Peel for my Melasma and Acne, it also works on fine lines and boosts collagen production. She also asked me to get the Glow Drip which was administered simultaneously. The Glow Drip is rich in antioxidants , detoxes , brightens and is a immunity booster . Best thing about these were that there was no downtime at all . I love the results and I am doing all the post skincare suggested by the good doctor. I am definitely getting it done again #aianajloves

    -Social Media Celebrity

    Does Carbon Laser Peel Treatment Help Reduce Acne?

    Acne can be successfully treated with the carbon laser peel. The entire procedure aims to get rid of the bacteria, oil, and debris that can clog pores and cause acne. Doctors have discovered that it can get rid of acne that is already there and stop future breakouts for a few weeks or months. ‌To get rid of acne, you need several treatments. Since the procedure is non-irritating, it doesn’t exacerbate the discomfort of inflamed skin. Without experiencing any harmful side effects, you can perform more carbon laser peels as needed.

    Oily skin, big pores, acne, and blackheads can all be treated painlessly with the Carbon Peel. At a minimal cost for a carbon peel laser cost in Mumbai, you can have smooth, wrinkle-free skin through carbon peeling. To find out more about the price of a carbon peel in Mumbai, you can contact us by phone or by filling out the form here.

    People can receive treatment from the top dermatologists in Mumbai for carbon peels if they are suffering from skin conditions, including acne, acne scars, dullness, or loss of skin texture.

    Why is ISAAC Luxe the Perfect Choice for Carbon Laser Peel Treatment?

    The ISAAC Luxe clinic was established by celebrity cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta. At ISAAC, our experienced professionals make sure that you get the desired results and have perfectly glowing skin. Our teams are enthusiastic about what they do and strive each day to put effective cosmetic techniques to make you look your best!

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