Carbon Laser Peel Treatment in Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon

Carbon Laser Peel Treatment in Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon

Carbon Laser Peel in Delhi is used to remove any acne scars and blemishes from the skin. Carbon is also a good content to unclog pores. It is the best way to remove the effects of pollution from the skin. This treatment is best for oily skin. If your skin is damaged by the sun, you do not have to think twice to get this treatment. This is a deep exfoliator and it also helps in building collagen. If you have fine lines and wrinkles that you want to get rid of, this is your best stop. 

Carbon Laser Peel Treatment Process 

Step 1 – Liquid carbon is sprayed on the skin and this is supposed to absorb all the oil, dirt, and dead skin cells from the skin. This has to stay on for 10 minutes 

Step 2 – Eyeshields are provided for eye protection 

Step 3 – Laser is passed over the skin to heat up the carbon that will fix it to the epidermis

Step 4 – A smoke machine will remove the carbon attached to the skin 

Step 5 – Hydrating sunscreen and moisturizer is applied


Carbon laser peel treatment is a process through which you can get rid of wrinkles, acne, scars and fine lines. We provide you with the best method and facilities through which you can achieve a remarkable result in less time. In this treatment, you can unclog the fine pores and get rid of the dirt and dust which is stuck in the skin. The dead cells can also be eliminated easily in this process which helps to give a fresh and active look to the face. If you are looking for a risk-free, immediate result giving experience then you may try this process.

Post-Treatment Recommendations for Carbon Laser Peel Treatment 

Proper after-care will help you to leverage the full results of this treatment. These are all very easy and can be done in no time

  1. The skin must be treated gently and a coat of moisturizer must be applied every day
  2. There will be some dryness and that can be dealt with hydration 
  3. Keep out of the sun and apply SPF 30+ even if you are indoors
  4. Do not use retinol on your skin immediately after the treatment 
  5. Do not use harsh exfoliators 
  6. Use products that control oil to keep acne at bay
  7. Ensure intake of a nutritious diet 

Side Effects of Carbon Peel Treatment 

Carbon peel treatment in Mumbai can have side effects because it involves heat and carbon. This might affect people with extremely sensitive skin

  1. Redness of the skin is a common side effect
  2. The carbon peel Mike leaves a tingling sensation in the skin
  3. The skin might feel irritable for a while
  4. Not having proper eye protection can end in eye damage
  5. The skin can be extremely dry if a proper moisturizer is not used
  6. Not performing properly aftercare can result in numerous other side effects
  7. Excessive heat can damage skin

Benefits of Carbon Peel Treatment

Carbon peel treatment in Gurgaon is very popular just because of its numerous benefits. It is an All-in-One solution for most common skin problems

  1. It completely changes your look and gives you a fresh skin
  2. It is helpful in removing acne and blemishes scars
  3. Remove fine lines and wrinkles from the skin
  4. It prevents or slows down the aging of the skin
  5. It does not have a prescribed recovery time and the effects can be seen immediately
  6. It is highly cost-effective and risk-free
  7. It can be done by people of all skin types and from all ethnicities


    Q1.Is it risky and painful?

    Ans –  No it is neither risky nor painful.

    Q2.Who can have this treatment?

    Ans – This treatment is for those who have normal skin issues.

    Q3.Which age group can have this treatment?

    Ans – This treatment can be done to those who are above the age group of min twenties.

    Q4.How much time does this treatment take?

    Ans – This treatment takes approx 30-40 mins depending on the surface covered.

    Q5.When can I see visible results?

    Ans – visible results can be seen in an instant.

    Q6.Are there any side effects?

    Ans – No, there are no side effects. Still, you may feel redness or a little stretch.

    Q7.Is it safe to be tried?

    Ans – yes it is safe.

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