Dermaroller Treatment In Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon

Dermaroller Treatment In Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon

Dermaroller treatment is done using microneedles. The cylindrical roller has several needles that create a small wound on the skin when it is rolled. The skin produces new collagen and elastin while healing and thus this helps in skin rejuvenation. Dermarolling is a natural way to solve skin problems and it is also cost-effective. It is the best example of an all-in-one skin solution. It improves blood circulation and increases skin product absorption. It can be done from a good dermatological clinic and the procedure only takes up to 30 minutes. Dermaroller treatment in Delhi helps in acne scars. 

Dermaroller Treatment Process 

Derma roller treatment in Mumbai is a fairly easy process that takes no more than 30 minutes. It can also be done at home with proper knowledge and precaution. 

 Step 1 – This includes preparing the skin for the treatment by cleaning it. 

 Step 2 – Some doctors use anesthetics to prevent pain although it is not mandatory.

 Step 3 – Derma-rolling is performed by using the roller on the skin surface.

 Step 4 – All the problematic areas are covered with the roller. 

 Step 5 – Some soothing creams are applied to the skin to prevent irritation. 

Post-Treatment Recommendations for Dermaroller Treatment  

Post-treatment care is quintessential for the treatment to work. It is in your hands to do the right thing and to take the best care of the skin. 

  1. Prevent excessive irritation by using soothing creams.
  2. Avoid getting out in too much sun as it can cause so much damage.
  3. Keep hydrating your skin and drink enough water.
  4. Do not use heavy medications that might cause side effects.
  5. Sleep well as the skin heals the best in sleep. 
  6. Do not use excessive cosmetics on your skin. 
  7. Keep in check with your doctor if you notice anything adverse. 

Side Effects of Derma roller Treatment 

Side effects are possible in any treatment. It can be because of your skin’s negative reactions to the treatment. 

  1. Minor skin irritations can be a side effect of the treatment. 
  2. The needles cause small wounds on the skin.
  3. Due to excess pressure of the needles, the skin could bleed. 
  4. There are chances of infection if proper care is not taken. 
  5. The wounds can cause bruising if picked upon. 
  6. It may lead to skin peeling in some cases.
  7. Other side effects include redness and itching. 

Benefits of Dermaroller Treatment 

Derma roller treatment in Gurgaon can give you unbelievable results from the first time onwards. It is a highly popular treatment that does no harm to your skin.  

  1. Dermaroller helps to lighten acne scars. 
  2. The rolling helps in stimulating blood circulation. 
  3. It helps in the collagen production of the skin. 
  4. It helps in producing skin elastins.
  5. It helps with tired skin and reduces stretch marks. 
  6. It wakes up tired skin by energizing it. 
  7. It helps in better product absorption.
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