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Everything You Need to Know About the PRP Hair Treatment

Your complete guide to the PRP hair treatment: Procedure, cost, and benefits

Are you struggling with hair loss with no solution in sight? Try the PRP hair treatment, a natural, science-backed therapy. It bolsters hair growth and enhances scalp health by using platelet-rich plasma, an extract of concentrated platelets from the patient’s blood. 

What is a PRP hair treatment? 

Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment or PRP hair treatment is a rejuvenation technique in which a small amount of blood from the patient is employed and skillfully injected into the target area. It is a versatile therapy that can be used to achieve smoother and firmer skin as well as for the stimulation of hair growth. Platelets contain growth hormones and cytokines that enhance the rebuilding of tissues to facilitate healing. When injected into the target area, PRP restores blood flow and promotes new cell growth and tissue regeneration, thus boosting hair growth and improving scalp health. 

When to consider a PRP hair treatment? 

If your hair is thinning or falling out and it is impacting your self-confidence, PRP hair treatment is the right option for you. Research has shown that PRP therapy can also help treat androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. If you fit into any of the above categories, you can book a consultation with us at ISAAC Luxe. Our medically trained professionals will conduct personalised consultations to deliver a holistic solution to your hair loss through non-invasive treatments with minimum or zero downtime.

How does the PRP hair treatment work?

Once the blood is drawn from the patient, it is then put into a centrifuge. This process causes the separation of plasma from the blood and increases the concentration of growth factors that enable hair growth. The platelet-rich plasma is then systematically injected into the scalp to stimulate hair follicles and the proliferation of hair cells. The PRP hair treatment is a novel and natural method that has been proven to increase the quantity as well as the quality of hair while also improving the thickness of the hair fibre.  The entire process takes about an hour with minimal downtime, which means that the patient can resume their daily activities immediately.

What are the benefits of a PRP hair treatment? 

PRP hair treatments effectively rejuvenate the hair roots to restore hair growth. Its benefits include:

  1. Safe procedure with no cuts and incisions.
  2. It improves the diameter of existing hair and its initial results include reduction in hair fall and improvement of scalp health.
  3. It is a non-allergenic process. There is no risk of rejection or allergic reaction as the process uses your body’s cells.
  4. It is non-surgical and the process involves only minor discomfort. 
  5. It requires no recovery time. You can resume your daily activities instantly.
  6. The process is very effective and may benefit your levels of confidence.
What to expect with PRP hair treatment?

PRP hair treatment is a quick and efficient process that does not require any use of chemicals. A total of four sessions are required with a gap of 15-30 days between each session. The results are visible in three months and each session lasts for approximately 90 minutes. The results may vary depending upon the overall health, blood platelet levels, and hair health of the patients.

The results appear gradually and a touch-up session once a year is required to maintain new hair growth. 

What is the cost of PRP hair treatment? 

The PRP hair treatment cost ranges from ₹20,000- ₹25,000. 

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