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Dark Circles

How To Combat Dark Circles Once and For All

Dark circles can become a consistent problem, but thankfully, there are some effective treatments to eliminate them completely

From our busy lifestyle to genetics, numerous factors cause dark circles. The greyish-blue tinge under the eyes gives an unhealthy and dull appearance to your face. No matter how well you dress up and prep the skin, if you have dark circles, they can interfere with the entire look. Luckily, there are treatments along with healthy lifestyles and habits which can be the permanent remedy to this concern.

Causes of dark circles

Many reasons can lead to dark circle. Diet, genetics, medical problems, lifestyle issues, and your current health condition is often reflected largely by dark circles. Once you realise the cause behind the problem, finding the solution gets easy too.

  • Poor sleep schedule and sleep deprivation problems such as insomnia
  • Excessive production of melanin in the body
  • Drastic fat reduction around the eyes
  • Broken blood vessels and skin thinning
  • Excessive UV damage to the skin
  • Dehydration and too much alcohol consumption
  • Drastic weight loss

Treatments to get rid of dark circles

Treatments to get rid of dark circles
Treatments to get rid of dark circles

#1 Eyelight Treatment

A combination of peptide complexes and GF complexes is used to perform this non-invasive Eyelight treatment for 30 minutes. It helps to reduce dark circles and wrinkles significantly. The area around the eye is cleansed and a patented eye contour serum is applied using a dermaroller. This micro-needling aggravates collagen production and thickens the skin. The session is completed using a special eye cream.

#2 Chemical peels

Chemical peels with AHA and BHA are frequently used to treat dark circle. They enhance the texture of the skin and aid in reducing hyperpigmentation and dark patches under the eyes. When you have dark circles brought on by too much melanin and UV damage, the peel is most effective.

#3 Microdermabrasion

Another highly effective remedy for dark circle is microdermabrasion. It is a non-invasive treatment that entails the use of tiny crystals and other such exfoliating objects to remove dead skin cells around the eye. It helps to prevent and improve pigmentation around the eyes. This treatment also reduces the appearance of large pores on the skin and improves blood circulation.

#4 Laser treatment

Laser treatment

The skin becomes thin, fragile, and less elastic as we age. As a result, the blood vessels around the eyes are visible. You can dramatically tighten the skin with an advanced laser procedure, such as the one offered by ISAAC Luxe. The skin thickens as a response of the heat it produces and the increased collagen production. As a result, the dark circle appears much less prominently.

#5 Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that plump, firm, and moisturise the skin. It increases collagen formation in the skin and makes it look baby soft. These fillers combined with hyaluronic acid can reduce dark circles significantly. Moreover, it also increases the elastin of the skin that in turn ensures the skin is thicker than before.

One can rightly say that combatting dark circles gets much easier when you choose advanced skin treatments specifically designed to combat this issue. ISAAC Luxe has the best experts at your service who can offer all these treatments as permanent remedies for dark circles.