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Acne Prone Skin

Popular Facials to Care for Your Acne Prone Skin

Beating acne made easier with the different facials that address the root cause of acne

Although acne problems are typically linked with adolescence, they can occur at any age. They are caused by an accumulation of excess sebum, filth, sweat, and dead skin cells in the hair follicles. Over time they harden developing pimples and other comedones. Sometimes, acne can be cystic as well which is rather painful due to the inflammation. The type of acne, the person’s skin type, and their general health state all play a significant role in how to treat acne prone skin. As a result, there is no single one size fits all treatment for acne prone skin.

Fortunately, at the ISAAC Luxe, we offer a wide range of professional facial treatments for acne prone skin that target your root cause of acne. Here are the top suggestions:

#1 Carbon Facial

Carbon facial is an innovative laser treatment for acne prone skin which can help to deeply exfoliate the skin and prevent wrinkles and acne. Liquid carbon is applied to the skin during this treatment. It absorbs all the impurities from the skin. After that, laser light is used to split the carbon from the skin. It can remove acne scars, blackheads, and whiteheads while deep cleansing the pores and giving a healthy glow and smooth finish to your skin.

#2 Photofacial

Photo facial (Intense Pulse Light Therapy) is a 30-minute skin rejuvenating treatment using light-based technology. It works wonderfully on acne prone skin where an intense pulse of light is used to penetrate the skin. It destroys acne-causing bacteria and also prevents future breakouts. It also promotes collagen production and stimulates cellular activity. Sunspots, discoloration, pigmentation, and redness are also reduced. The skin may feel sensitive at first but eventually, appear brighter and clearer.

#3 Black Peel

If you are looking for quick fixes for active acne, the black peel is the perfect solution. Black peel treatment uses various ingredients and chemicals to remove and renew damaged skin. It peels the top layer of acne prone skin to reveal new and younger skin.

The peel is made from organic vinegar which has a high concentration of amino acids. Acne pigments, brown spots, fine lines, and wrinkles can be visibly reduced and effectively so, using this treatment. The treatment works on all types of acne like blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, nodules, pimples, and even cysts.

#4 Fire and Ice Facial

Fire and ice are also called the Red-Carpet Facial. It is very helpful to reduce acne and acne scars, excess sebum production, blackheads, and signs of ageing. If you have sensitive skin and do not have the time for a peel, fire and ice is just the facial you need. The facial uses ingredients like salicylic acid, green tea extracts, chamomile extract, glycolic acid, and aloe vera. It is versatile and effective in treating hyperpigmentation and resurfacing the skin. It is a very simple procedure that consists of 6 easy steps. It also uses a serum with growth factors and peptides to boost the collagen and elastin of the skin. Thus, it gives a youthful radiance.

With the help of the right skin care product and facial treatment, you can easily get radiant and clear skin. The above-mentioned treatments are some of the most effective and quick solutions to getting clearer skin.

Still unsure about the best course of action for your acne-prone skin? We’ve got you. Visit ISAAC Luxe and our specialists will assist you in learning more about the best option for you. Click here to schedule an appointment with us.