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Role Of Dermatologist in Life of Actress

Yes, we all know a dermatologist is a doctor who treats skin disorders and prescribes creams and ointments to treat the same. But look beyond this definition and ask me, “Am I unaware about any other aspect related to dermatologists?

Well, you might be thinking that it cannot be much interesting because we have already known or heard something about dermatologists, but yeah, you’re mistaken.

Let Us Introduce A New Facet Related To Dermatologists.

We all know about Bollywood and its busy actors who have no time for anything other than their daily shoot schedules. Have you ever thought about what changes occur on them when they have to shoot for long hours? How do they keep themselves fit before the shoot, during the long shoots and in between?

Well, in today’s modern era, when medical science has progressed so much that it can even help you to get rid of your tan in a blink of an eye or getting rid of obesity with gastric bypass surgery, actors don’t have any problem when they have to shoot for long hours because they have dermatologists at their workplace for ensuring better skin and overall health.

Indeed, dermatologists are very much in demand these days because our actors have realized the necessity of having one on sets while shooting an entire day or week-long schedule. The reason is simple; they need to look good at all times, so there is no chance of turning too dark or losing weight quickly.

So, if you are wondering how it works, then let me tell you that dermatologists usually on sets ask the actor to apply some ointment after applying sunscreen lotion on their face and skin before leaving for locations that stay there the shoot irrespective of sun or rain. It protects the actor from getting sunburn, and in turn, they can shoot for long hours without any pain.

By doing this, dermatologists are very helpful in maintaining their skin health on sets while shooting for an extended period. This also helps them maintain their weight because dermatologists usually ask them to apply a certain ointment that keeps the actor’s skin moisturized throughout the shoot.

What Are Some Common Skin Conditions That Actresses May Experience?

Dermatologists often instruct actresses to use topical medications to prevent skin conditions, such as acanthosis nigricans, characterized by hyperpigmentation and thickened dark patches of skin in body folds. Actresses are also instructed to treat these skin conditions with topical over-the-counter medications containing urea, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and retinol if they arise.

Sometimes, dermatologists prescribe oral antibiotics to prevent acne outbreaks caused by fluctuating hormone levels during a woman’s menstrual cycle. In addition, some dermatologists will prescribe Accutane or Isotretinoin for severe cases.
In extreme cases, such as when the acne outbreak results in cystic lesions, dermatologists may prescribe Accutane or Isotretinoin pills for six months to remedy the problem.

Dermatologists also prescribe special makeup made by well-known brands such as Clinique and Derma Blend to be used with skin bleaching agents like hydroquinone and kojic acid.

Why Visiting A Dermatologist Is Important, Especially If You Are An Actress Or Other Public Figure.

Having good skin is crucial in today’s world of photoshoots and events because the camera cannot lie, nor can Photoshop. It captures all the minute and even the major details, and that is why it’s important to maintain your overall health and, of course, your skin.

Dermatologists understand this problem perfectly well, so they always ask the actor or actresses to get themselves checked regularly to maintain their skin health. Moreover, dermatologists usually provide treatment right on sets so that the actors can get rid of it right then and there.

But this unique and unforgettable experience is not just limited to actors and actresses. It’s even better for those in the public eye, such as journalists, radio hosts, bloggers, models and other celebrities.

These people need to check themselves often because they know there will always be a photographer or two around their next corner. After all, they were born for fame, and cameras will always be there to capture their next move.

Final thoughts

The skin of an actress is their livelihood because when they look in the mirror, it’s what they see. A dermatologist can help maintain a healthy and clear looking complexion, allowing you to work with better camera use at all times! If you want to become successful as an actor, then it’s necessary to take care of your skin by consulting a qualified dermatologist. Hope this blog helped!