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Three Body Lightening Treatment To Get In Time For Summer

Keep tanning at bay when you have access to the latest body lightening treatments

As the summer heat escalates, skin problems like tanning and sunburns become frequent. Even using sunscreen is not enough if you must go out regularly. The result is a much darker skin tone by the time monsoon sets in. But ISAAC Luxe brings various body lightening treatment which can effectively restore your natural and radiant skin tone.

Thanks to the advancing technologies in cosmetology, we have various types of body lightening treatments available today. Here we have listed three such treatments that can effectively make your skin even toned and restore natural beauty, sans any tanning.

Hydra Dermabrasion for body lightening treatment

This is a preferred body lightening treatment if you want non-invasive skin lightening solutions. The top layer of the skin gets exfoliated using various lightening serums and water-based pressurising techniques.

As a result, the damaged, and dead skin cells get removed. It results in revealing healthier and more hydrated skin that was underneath. The body lightening treatment effectively evens out the skin tone, minimises the pore sizes and brightens your skin.

The Hydra Dermabrasion session requires 40-45 minutes and there is no downtime for the treatment. For the best results, it is recommended to repeat the treatment every 30 days. The treatment starts with thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating the skin. Then a vortex suction is applied to remove comedones and clean pores. Lastly, a serum of hyaluronic acid and peptides is used to hydrate and restore the skin.

 Chemical Peels 

Chemical Peels are tailor-made as per the skin type. It gently gets rid of the dead skin cells, dirt and grime accumulated on the top layer of the skin. The healthier and supple skin underneath is revealed once the peel gets removed.

The outcome of this body lightening treatment varies from one person to another. But it is a painless and non-invasive treatment, making it a good choice if you want milder solutions. A thorough skin examination is done before the treatment to devise the most effective peel type that gives maximum results and causes nominal irritation.

There are a variety of chemical peels and thus, a concoction specifically suitable for your skin type gets applied. The peel works on the skin to minimise the targeted problem and then it is removed, followed by moisturising and hydrating the skin as a finishing touch.

Spectra Carbon Peels 

It is a face and body lightening treatment that is popular for its versatility and suitability for all skin types. It reduces pigmentation, improves skin tone and minimises enlarged and clogged pores. The treatment also boosts collagen production and there is no downtime for it. The body lightening treatment is safe to combine with other treatments to maximise the benefits.

For this treatment, a liquid carbon laser peel is applied and left on the skin for 10 minutes. It absorbs dirt, grime and oil from the skin. A laser beam is passed on the skin to heat the carbon and fix the epidermis. A smoke machine then removes the carbon attached to your skin. Lastly, a hydrating sunscreen and moisturiser are applied.

At ISAAC Luxe, we evaluate skin conditions and issues first and then offer a holistic body lightening treatment suitable for the client’s skin type. If you have a preferred treatment in mind, we will also consider that and provide all the insight you need to undergo the treatment.

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