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The Five  Best Skin Pigmentation Treatments, According To An Expert!

Dr Geetika Mittal shares her recommendations for the best treatments to combat skin pigmentation

What is skin pigmentation?

Have you started noticing brown-tinged patches or pesky scars on your forehead, cheeks, or chin that never seem to fade? You are probably dealing with skin pigmentation. It is a common skin condition that can affect all skin types and ages. Skin pigmentation can be caused by either sun exposure or trauma to the skin as these can stimulate melanocytes. Melanocytes, the pigment-producing cells, are found in our skin’s dermo-epidermal junction and basal layers. When triggered, these cells can become hyperactive and begin overproducing melanin, resulting in skin pigmentation and sunspots.

What is the best skin pigmentation treatment available in the market?

Cosmetologist doing face treatment and applying face mask

While skin pigmentation pops out of nowhere, treating it requires a bit of effort. Are you wondering which is the best pigmentation treatment available in the market to tackle dark spots and discolouration? Fortunately, there are a plethora of amazing pigmentation treatment options to help even out your skin tone. Here are my top pigmentation treatment recommendations:

  • Laser toning

Laser toning is an effective skin pigmentation treatment as it penetrates the skin and breaks down the pigment that causes dark spots and uneven skin tone. This skin pigmentation treatment works by delivering low energy from the Q Switched laser, which causes a decrease in melanin in the skin’s superficial layers, thus correcting pigment abnormalities. Furthermore, the laser stimulates collagen and elastin while rejuvenating skin texture with little to no downtime.

  • Glow Infusion

If you want dramatically brighter skin, it is time that you try Glow Infusion (Try MesoGlow at ISAAC Luxe). In this treatment, you are injected with fusions of vitamins, micronutrients, and natural plant extracts that help rejuvenate your skin and get rid of pigmentation. This pigmentation treatment is a brilliant option if you want to tackle dull skin, reverse the effects of sun exposure, even out your skin tone, or compensate for the loss of volume due to ageing.

  • PRP

PRP’s (Platelet-Rich Plasma) regenerative properties make it an effective pigmentation treatment. Also known as a Vampire facial, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) uses your own blood to rejuvenate your skin and address skin concerns like uneven texture and tone. PRP is a concentrated blood plasma preparation containing platelets and regenerative growth factors that stimulate skin healing, collagen formation, and other vital proteins that support the skin. Try a Vampire facial at ISAAC Luxe to get an even-toned, radiant complexion. 

  • Cosmelan peel

As we know, peels are among the most popular in-office treatments for skin pigmentation. Cosmelan peel is one of the most powerful pigmentation treatment options available on the market. Cosmelan is a two-part procedure that consists of two chemical peels spaced three weeks apart. The peel works by stimulating the rate of skin cell turnover and lightening accumulated melanin in your skin. And the best part? This skin pigmentation treatment is safe and effective for all skin types. If you want to treat stubborn pigmentation, you must try Cosmelan peel at ISAAC Luxe.

  • Carbon peel

The laser carbon peel is a fast and painless skin pigmentation that deeply exfoliates your skin. This non-invasive skin pigmentation treatment involves applying a layer of liquid carbon to the face and blasting the carbon away using a laser. It treats pigmentation and removes dead skin cells, blackheads, and oil from the skin, leaving it glowing and radiant. It also causes microabrasions to the collagen and elastin fibres. This agitates them, prompting them to begin repairing and thus improving the texture of your skin.

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