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Everything You Need To Know About Emface

Get radiant-looking skin that is free of wrinkles and imperfections with Emface

Fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin are inevitable with age, irrespective of how much you maintain yourself. Luckily, today we have a wide selection of treatments that can slow down the process significantly and even reverse it. One of the latest aesthetic treatments that are creating a buzz for its effectiveness and simplicity is Emface. At ISAAC Luxe, we have brought this treatment for those who are looking for non-invasive and simpler solutions to ageing.

What is Emface?

Emface is a non-surgical procedure for facial rejuvenation. Radiofrequency is used to treat and minimise superficial wrinkles. It provides electromagnetic stimulation to the deep tissue laxity and it mimics the muscles which provide a lift to your face.

In short, the treatment stimulates fibroblast activity that increases collagen and elastin fibre synthesis. The result is significantly lifted and sculpted facial tissues and muscles that impart a younger appearance.

What are the benefits of Emface?

While there are several facial lifting and anti-ageing treatments, Emface stands out for its many benefits. It is a versatile treatment that suits almost every skin type. Here are some of the advantages of undergoing the procedure:

  • It is a quick procedure as it targets three facial areas at one time.
  • It primarily focuses on increasing the collagen and elastin production of the skin. Thus, you get a natural facelift and reduced stretch marks.
  • The contours of your face get more defined as it uplifts the muscles and skin through deep tissue laxity stimulation.
  • The entire process is needle-free and non-surgical. The results are noticeable and achieved naturally. Thus, there is no chance of any side effects.

How does it work?

The radiofrequency waves used for the treatment will heat the skin tissues. This improves the connective tissues beneath the skin. As a result, the facial skin appears tighter and smoother than before. You can witness significant results after a month of treatment with one session each week.

The treatment combines high-frequency radioactive technology or HIFES along with radiofrequency to naturally boost collagen and elastin production and minimise the fine lines. Contraction of facial muscle is induced through HIFES and that results in muscle protein synthesis and muscle renewal too. This treatment is ideal to get a prominent cheekbone and jawline.

How is Emface different from other radiofrequency treatments?

There are several treatments based on the same concept of Emface that show promising results regarding skin tightening and lifting. But the devices used for these treatments generate excessive heat that leads to scarring under the epidermal layer. Emface has a significantly lower risk of this side effect. It is more forgiving to your natural skin texture. The procedure does not involve any artificial products and as a result, you can experience getting more youthful skin without any side effects.

At ISAAC Luxe, we evaluate the skin concerns of individuals and then provide a selection of treatments. The Emface treatment is a versatile choice that suits almost everyone and shows significant results. Get radiant and youthful skin without any surgery by opting for professional treatment from us.

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