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Acne Treatments That Work

Five Acne Treatments That Work

Banish acne woes and get radiant skin with these treatments

We all want flawless and bright skin, but acne often stops that from happening. Irrespective of age, acne can happen for many reasons. Acne occurs for various reasons like lifestyle and hormonal disbalance and makes the skin dull and textured. But with modern acne treatments, you can keep them at bay and get brighter and more youthful skin. Here we have listed five such acne treatments which can make your skin look smooth and flawless, sans any acne.


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive acne treatment that exfoliates the skin’s surface. It helps to remove dead skin cells and effectively minimise the pores. The treatment uses tiny crystals for the exfoliation and removes all debris from the epidermal surface. As a result, you get cleaner skin where blackheads and whiteheads are effectively removed. It also promotes blood circulation and minimises pigmentation of the skin.

Gene Induction

This is a micro-needling treatment that shows immediate results within the first couple of sessions. The improved micro-needling acne treatment infuses active serums in your skin that visibly reduce acne scars. It also minimises active acne and open pores. As a result, the dirt and grime do not get accumulated within the skin pores and make the texture rough. The powerful active serums act quickly and boost overall skin health in the long run. The Gene Induction treatment is an advanced process that works for most skin types.

Cocktail Peels

Cocktail Peels are versatile solutions for various skin problems. Customised serums are created based on your skin type and issues. The serum is usually infused with salicylic acid, AHA, and similar customised ingredients. The primary aim is to make the skin smoother. You will witness the result in one session. They are gentle, versatile and available for every skin type. This is the primary reason behind the popularity of this skin treatment. This is the safest solution even for sensitive skin.

Derma Roller

Derma roller is one of the most popular techniques to minimise acne. It is also effective in reducing acne scars and wound healing. The tool has micro-needles which create micro scars on the skin. That in turn boosts the collagen production and healing process. Eventually, the acne scars fade and new acne is prevented. When combined with serums and ingredients which are healing, you get flawless skin after the treatment. Such acne treatment helps with better absorption of the acids, and vitamins in your skin serum. It is best to get the treatment from professionals rather than try to do it at home.

Intense Pulse Light Therapy

This treatment is done through a 30-minute session when an Intense Pulse Light penetrates deep into the skin. It destroys the common acne-causing bacteria. As a result, the skin would be clearer and look smooth. The treatment also helps to prevent acne in the future. The overall result is clearer and more youthful skin. The treatment goes in-depth and ensures the skin looks beautiful and radiant without being troubled by new breakouts.

At ISAAC Luxe, we analyse the client’s skin conditions first and then refer to the most suitable treatment. Witness effective results within a few sessions and enjoy flawless skin. Improve your overall skin condition by choosing the most effective skin treatments that can keep acne at bay.

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