Korean Facial Treatments

Korean Facial Treatment for Glowing Skin

Are you wondering how to get the coveted Korean glass skin? Try these incredible Korean facial treatment at ISAAC Luxe to get your glow on.  Korean skincare has taken the world by storm; and for all the right reasons. From viral sheet masks to elaborate, multi-step skincare routines, Korean skincare has proven highly effective in giving you glowing skin. But do you want to take these benefits a notch higher? Then, try advanced Korean facial treatments. These holistic treatments use innovative technology, high-performing ingredients, and science-backed techniques to deliver a goddess-like glow. Here are some incredible Korean facial treatments available at ISAAC Luxe that you can’t afford to miss. AquaGold Finetouch Facial AquaGold Finetouch is one of the best Korean facial treatments available at ISAAC Luxe for a radiant complexion. It employs a 24-carat, patented, gold-plated micro-injection device that uses 600-micron depth microneedles to reach the dermis in order to gently inject customised solutions into the skin. With the use of 24-carat gold needles, a serum cocktail that contains vitamins, filler, and botox is directly injected into your skin to rejuvenate it. By revitalising your face and leaving you with a dewy, hydrated complexion, this quick facial can instantly give you the coveted luminosity. GG Glow As the name suggests, this Korean facial is perfect for anybody who wants a flawless complexion and a divine glow. Whether you are struggling with acne scars and pigmentation or wrinkles and large pores, this cutting-edge treatment can tackle it all by infusing your skin with a potent blend of skin-loving vitamins. You require one session per week for a total of thirty to forty days. You can then begin the maintenance period after that. The results last for four to six months. Book your GG Glow appointment today to witness the transforming effects of Korean facial treatments. O2Derm Facial If you want porcelain-like flawless skin that exudes radiance from within, you must try O2Derm Facial at ISAAC Luxe. Voted as one of the best Korean facial treatments, Oxygen Dome Therapy is an innovative procedure that delivers pure, ionised oxygen to your skin with the help of a hyperbaric chamber. During this course of the procedure, a dome-shaped mask is placed on your face, providing complete coverage to the face. This dome is attached to a device that produces anions and pure oxygen with a high concentration of 90%. This pure form of oxygen and anion is pumped into your skin, encouraging the renewal of skin cells and giving your complexion a more radiant appearance. By neutralising the damage caused by free radicals, this glow-boosting facial can help eliminate bacteria, heal. And also, regenerate damaged cells, restore pH balance, and minimise the appearance of signs of ageing. Are you ready to reap the incredible benefits of Korean facial treatment? Book a session with us to transform your skin and get a goddess-like glow. If you wish to know more about Korean facial treatments for healthy, luminous skin, visit ISAAC Luxe or schedule a consultation with us. To book an appointment with us, click here.

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