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Do you also have bald spots or a lot of hair loss? Up to 95% of men with thinning hair eventually go bald due to a hormone called DHT that causes the hair follicles in men to shrink. If you start losing your hair, your personality and psychological health may suffer greatly. Consider having your hair treated at ISAAC Luxe in Mumbai in this circumstance.To provide long-lasting effects and make your journey as pleasant as possible, we at Isaac luxe provide total privacy and a tailored experience with world-class hair transplant Mumbai.

How The FUE Hair Transplant Functions

Based on your situation, we have created a thorough treatment plan for the best hair transplant in Mumbai at ISAAC Luxe.

  • The two transplant procedures known as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or FUT are split grafts and micrografts (Follicular Unit Transplantation). Slit grafts have four to ten hairs per graft, whereas micrografts have one to two. Your doctor will decide what to do based on what you need.
  • Throughout the procedure, follicular hair units from an area with more hair are removed. Following the procedure, an incision on your scalp will be closed with stitches. We use local anesthetics to lessen pain and suffering.
  • They are then applied to the target regions once we have harvested additional hair follicles.
  • A hair transplant calls for several treatments. The transplanted hair takes 3 to 5 months to grow.

When implanted, these pieces will aid in achieving hair growth that looks natural, thus giving you the best hair transplant in Mumbai.

Choose Isaac Luxe for the best hair transplant experience.

There are several options available in Mumbai for a high-quality hair transplant. Because there are so many clinics offering new treatments to cure baldness, it might be difficult to select the best one. Do you desire for thick, gorgeous hair once more?Get a personal consultation for hair transplants and other procedures with Dr Geetika, a famous skin expert in Mumbai with many reputed hair transplant clinics in Mumbai.

    Despite the claims of many hospitals and medical personnel that their experiences are qualitative, it is difficult to sustain this title.

    To earn such a reputation as “dependable,” one needs a huge clientele of appreciative customers. Another crucial element in determining if a clinic is reachable by people from various socioeconomic levels is the cost.

    The most well-known and trustworthy clinic for hair treatment and reasonable hair transplant costs in Mumbai is ISAAC Luxe.

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