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Welcome to Isaac luxe. In this article, we will describe the tear trough treatment in Delhi in detail.


A tear trough is a prominent crease that runs between the top cheek and lower eyelid. It occasionally has a shadowy effect underneath your eyes that makes you look worn out.


Some people believe that tear troughs give them an older appearance. Tear troughs are a genetic trait that some people have. Other people’s tear troughs get bigger as they age. That’s because as you age, face tissues lose volume.


Tear trough fillers, like other face fillers, have advantages and disadvantages. Before receiving therapy, it’s critical to comprehend the process and any potential risks.

What is Tear Trough Treatment?

Tear trough treatment, commonly known as under-eye filler or dermal filler, is a well-liked aesthetic treatment for tired-looking eyes. It is a non-surgical treatment in which a gel-like substance is precisely injected into certain regions around the eyes.


This therapy restores volume that has been lost as we age. Deep creases and lines are lessened, and the skin is smoother, younger-looking, and more vibrant.

Tear Trough Treatment In Delhi 

A skin treatment called the tear trough treatment in Delhi repairs the skin and improves its appearance. Additionally, it eliminates wrinkles and fine lines. A dermatologist employs specialized chemicals to treat your skin during this procedure.


Treatment for tear troughs can be carried out throughout the year without regard to the weather or environmental contamination. However, it is preferable to avoid activities that could impair the outcomes of tear-through therapy, such as going swimming or visiting dusty locations.


The space between your cheek and lower eyelid is known as the tear trough. As we get older, we lose volume in this region, which results in dark circles, hollows, and eye bags beneath the eyes.


Injecting filler into the tear trough area can effectively treat the condition by replacing lost volume and minimizing the appearance of hollows and dark circles.

Why Choose Issac luxe Tear Trough Treatment In Delhi?

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How To Work Tear Trough Treatment in Delhi?

Both dark circles and tear troughs, the hollows under your eyes, can give you a tired, old, or unwell appearance. While getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and leading a healthy lifestyle can occasionally help with dark circles, treating tear troughs is considerably more difficult.


A non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure is tear trough fillers. It entails numbing the area around the tear trough with a topical anesthetic before injecting hyaluronic acid gel, which helps to increase collagen formation and restore volume lost as we age. Additionally, it moisturizes, softens, and revitalizes the skin, giving it a younger appearance.


Tear trough fillers might be an option if you have deep under-eye creases to lessen them. Hyaluronic acid is often injected beneath your lower eyelids during the treatment. The region appears fuller as a result.


You’ll need to repeat the therapy every one to two years because the results are only transitory. Additionally, because it is cosmetic in nature, insurance does not pay for it.



Q1- When Might We Expect To See Results?

ANS – Dermal fillers deliver immediate, natural-looking results. Although the effect is seen right away, the ultimate outcome usually becomes apparent after two weeks. This is due to the fact that the skin needs time to unwind, smooth down, and allow the dermal fillers to properly integrate with the surrounding tissue, achieving the ideal balance of hydration.

Q2 – Do The Outcomes Seem Natural?

ANS – Yes, the tear trough filler procedure yields results that look natural. Patients won’t notice a significant change in appearance after the treatment. Mr. Ezra is a highly experienced practitioner who is familiar with facial structure and knows how to produce results that are both subtle and obvious.

Q3 – Are Injections For Tear Trough Filler Painful?

ANS – Although they could feel a bit unpleasant, tear-through filler injections are not painful. Most patients discover that this minimally invasive technique is much less intimidating than they initially thought. Before injecting hyaluronic acid gel into the skin, a topical anesthetic numbing lotion is frequently given to the area to lessen pain.


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